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Aftercare instructions

*aftercare for palms is below*

Second skin is a sterile breathable barrier that protects your tattoo while it heals.


A buildup of ink, plasma, and blood can build up beneath the barrier and will eventually be reabsorbed by your body. This buildup is sometimes called an “ink sack” and is perfectly normal (see picture). Please do not pop or drain the ink sack. 


Leave the second skin bandage on your new tattoo for 3-5 days.


Remove immediately if there are signs of an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is recognized by a red halo bordering the outside of the adhesive. 


Remove the second skin early if you notice leaking, tearing, popping or anything else that compromises the hygienic seal.


Second skin is water resistant but not waterproof. Avoid baths and pools.

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 3.50.59 PM.png

Second skin is best removed when the skin is sweaty. Removing it in the shower can help the process.


Gently peel up the corner and lift it away from itself. (See picture.) The removal may take some time so please be patient.

Once the second skin is removed, gently wash your tattoo with unscented soap and warm water. Continue to wash your tattoo until buildup is removed from the skin and water runs clear. Pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel. Do not use a bathroom towel as they harbour a lot of bacteria.


Apply a thin layer of unscented lotion onto your tattoo. Apply lotion to your tattoo 2-3 times a day as needed. Do not exfoliate or rub away the peeling skin.


For the next six weeks protect your tattoo from sun and water. Do not tan or swim during this time. 

Healing your palm tattoo 

If you have any questions or concerns about your tattoo aftercare, please feel free to contact me!

After your palm is tattooed,  it will be covered with second skin. You will also be sent home with plastic gloves and an extra piece of second skin.

It can be challenging to keep your palm covered.  Once the second skin begins to come off you may remove it. The most important thing is is to keep your palm clean. You may wash your hands as much as needed. You may even apply hand sanitizer if you need to (it hurts but it works!).   The gloves offer a temporary solution to protect you if you are unable to keep it clean for a short period of time. Examples include entering a public space or using your hand to complete tasks such as playing video games. Please cut the fingers off the gloves before applying them so that your tattoo is still able to breath. 

Before bed on the first night, apply the provided piece of second skin to your clean dry hand. This ensures that the fibers from the bed do not get into the fresh tattoo overnight. After this first night you can sleep with your palm exposed.

Please do not submerge your hand in water until it is fully healed. Please also avoid heavy lifting for the first few days. Apply a thin layer of unscented lotion 1-3 times a day as it heals and avoid picking at the scabs. 

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